If there are 1000 Actors for ONE Character;
There are 1000 Characters for ONE Brilliant Actor
Join this League of Actors with Actor Unveiled.
Actor Unveiled Acting Academy 

Actor Unveiled Acting Academy provides a selected range of highly personalized, short term and long-term courses and training for individuals from all walks of life.


With hands-on-training, practical experience, and personalized mentorship; the academy also assures a placement or cast in Ms. Kanu Priya’s in-house productions; once the course or training is completed. Post the initial launch of the talent, AUAC provides Casting & Talent Management services; giving individuals end to end solution once they join in.

Along with Professional Courses; the academy also provides regular Theatre Workshops and classes for individuals of all age groups, to relax, reinvent and rediscover their creative side. Every 3 – 6 months, the members of the community can perform at a different location; contemporary stories, hilarious skits, and plays for the nearby community.


AUAC techniques have the essence of spirituality, psychology and performance arts, providing a truly unique and wholesome experience to all individuals.


To empower each individual in realizing their dream to be a part of the Film & Entertainment Industry. And to create a dynamic space in each state for regional talent to grow and reach Global heights.


Generating a new breed of Actors, Artists & Film - Makers who were socially responsible, aware and create quality content which aspires change along with entertainment. Developing an artist community promoting free-thinking, cooperation, and creative co-creations.